Feb. 25,2017

Jinsong Huang has been named a 2016 Highly Cited Researcher by Thomson Reuters.


Feb. 3, 2017

Graduate student Qi Wang and Cheng Bi are selected for 2016-2017

Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Student Abroad

Our former students, Yuchao Shao, Bin Yang and Zhengguo Xiao received this award in the last three years. This is the first time two group members from our

group received this honor at the same time.


Dec. 5, 2016

人物访谈:黄劲松(美国内布拉斯加大学林肯分校): 超快响应的自驱动有机无机复合钙钛矿光电探测器


Oct 19 , 2016

Rain, sleet and snow can take the shine off an emerging form of solar cell, but university engineers led by Nebraska's Jinsong Huang

have devised a way to help keep it from going dead in the water.

UNL News Release: Innovation keeps solar cells high and dry

Congratulations to Yang Bai on the Nature Communication publication!


Apr. 30, 2016

Qi Wang is awarded College of Engineering graduate research assistant award of the year 2016


Apr. 25, 2016

Qi Wang is awarded Mechanical and Materials Engineering department graduate research assistant award of the year 2016


April 2nd , 2016
Yuchuan is award MRS graduate student award, gold medal, in the Spring MRS 2016 conference. 

 This is the 3rd time UNL material graduate students (All of them are from Huang group) broke into the prestigious award lists.


March 22, 2016

Dr. Haotong Wei et al's publication on sensitive x-ray detectors based on perovskite crystals is published in Nature Photnocs.

Here is the UNL news release and headline of today: New crystal is four times more sensitive to X-rays

News and comment in Nature Phhotonics : X-ray imaging: Perovskites target X-ray detection


March 10, 2016

The video about our research from the UNL Research Report is featured in today’s edition of NSF Science 360 News Service.

Here’s the link:


Feb. 23, 2016

Graduate student Yuchuan Shao is selected for 2015-2016

Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Student Abroad In the catogory of SPECIAL Award. 

Our former students, Bin Yang and Zhengguo Xiao received this award in the last two years.


Jan.15, 2016

Our progress on studying on the energy disorder in perovskite solar cell with open circuit voltage of the devices is published ininaugral issue of

Nature Energy.  Please see the related news and views:

Scientists take step toward perfecting solar cells
Perovskite solar cells: High voltage from ordered fullerenes, Nature Energy


Jan 7 , 2016

Yuan's publication on electric field driven reversible conversion between PbI2 and MAPbI3 film was highlighted in

Materials Views: 固态MAPbI3钙钛矿薄膜中的碘离子移动及电场驱动的MAPbI3-PbI2可逆转变

Nov.15, 2015

Cheng Bi received the competitive NCMN Graduate Research Fellowship for excellence in research.

Nov.15, 2015

Zhengguo Received the MRS Graduate Student Award, Silver Medal. This is the 2nd time UNL material graduate students

(both of them are from Huang group) broke into the pretigous award lists..


Nov.10, 2015

Yehao Deng's two publications highlighted as journal covers in Advanced Energy Materials and Materials Horizons

AEMcover MHcover


Nov.10, 2015


For sustained commitment to and exceptional ability in mentoringpostdoctoral scholars' professional and career development.


Nov.10, 2015

Huang group research on solar cell highlighted in UNL annual research report

Making Solar Energy More Affordable, Efficient


And here is a direct link to the video on YouTube:


Sep 5, 2015

Huang among the best reviewers for Adv. Mater.


Sep 4, 2015

Yanjun's result on narrow-band perovskite single crystal photodetectors is published in Nature Photonics.

News release: Imperfections key performance of new light-detecting crystals

Also see Nature Photonics News and Views: Optoelectronics: Colour-selective photodiodes


Sep 1, 2015

Prof. Huang presented perovskite solar cell status on National Academies’ Committee Meeting.


Aug. 15, 2015

One of our publications is selected as the Best paper of the year (2014) by Advanced Optical Mateirals

An Ultraviolet-to-NIR Broad Spectral Nanocomposite Photodetector with Gain


July 20, 2015

Cheng’s result on non-wetting surface for large grain growth was published in Nature Communication, and featured in the NSF Email Update Lead story, the Science 360 "Headlines" section, as well as a UNL news headline:

NSF Email Update: Property of non-stick pans improves solar cell efficiency

Science 360: News Page

UNL News: Study: Property of non-stick pans improves solar cell efficiency

KETV: UNL engineers continue work on groundbreaking solar energy study


June 9, 2015

Yuan's publication on MA+ ionic migration in MAPbI3 film was highlighted:

Materials Views: 有机-无机杂化钙钛矿太阳能电池中的离子传输研究取得进展:低电场下的甲胺离子移动首次被证实


May 14, 2015

Our high gain perovskite photodetector work was highlighted:

NIST news: It's a Trap! But That's Okay for Novel Light-Detecting Material

Electro Optics magazine: Caught in a trap


Mar 18, 2015

Chen's publication on wide bandgap perovskite solar cells was highlighted as cover in Adv. Energy. Mater.

Materials Views: 低温溶液法制备高性能宽能带薄膜钙钛矿太阳能电池



Mar 18, 2015

Roy Dong and Jun Yan's publication on high gain (~400 at low bias of -1 V ) perovskite photodetectors was highlighted as cover in Adv. Mater.


Feb. 17, 2015

Huang group research on recyclable electronics was highlighted by NET radio.

Huang, team creating devices that could reduce electronic waste

Jan 19, 2015

Qingfeng, Yanjun and Yuchuan's breakthough on perovskite single crystals published in Science.See News Release by UNL,
Engineers demonstrate solar cell material’s vast potential
and highlight by others:
Printed solar cells poised for a breakthrough
Large, High-Quality Crystals Boost Perovskite Performance


Jan.15, 2015

Yuchuan received the 2015 "Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant Award" . This award recognizes excellence in graduate student research at UNL. Yuchuan is the only receipent for this award in 2015.


Dec 15 , 2014

Yuchuan's paper on the "Origin and Elimination of Photocurrent Hysteresis by Fullerene Passivation in CH3NH3PbI3 Planar Heterojunction Solar Cells" has been published online in Nature Communications. See UNL news release Engineers ID, address cause of solar cell issue, , and highlighted by Yahoo, Laser Focus World,


Dec 8 , 2014

Zhengguo, Yongbo and Yuchuan's paper on the "Giant Switchable Photovoltaic Effect in Organometal Trihalide Perovskite Devices" has been published Nature Materials, and was selected as cover of the Feb. 2015 issue. See also: News and Views by Nam-Gyu Park


Nov20, 2014

Yongbo Yuan has earned Outstanding Postdoc Award 2014 for his exceptional comprehensive achievement in reserch and innovation. Yongbo has been working in Professor Huang's lab since 2009. He is the first postdoc in Professor Huang's lab and helped develop the new lab from the scratch, which also helped his personal growth as vitnessed by his great achievement and reconginization. In the past 5 years, he has published more than 10 papers in scientific journals. Among them, two were pubished in Nature Materials and one was published in Nature Communications. He was promoted as a research scientist in 2014 for his outstanding performance.

(Middle: Yongbo Yuan)


Nov 19, 2014

Yuchuan Shao has been awarded the Nebraska Center for Materials & Nanoscience( NCMN) Fellowship. According to NCMN, this fellowship was created to provide awardees financial support during the final months of their doctoral programs.Students awarded are expected to continue to maintain good acadmic standing and progress towards his or her degree. Yuchuan is among the two students who received this honor.


Jan 8, 2014

Yongbo's breakthrough on ultra-high-mobility transparent organic thin film transistors is published on Nature Communications, it was highlighted in the UNL News Headline, Stanford University news, Sicence Daily, ASEE First Bell, And many others: Lincoln Journal Star, AZONANO, PC Magazine, Kurzweilai Accelerating Intelligence, E&T magazine,Product Design & Development , Business Standard, Gadgets, Redorbit ,The Times of India.

December 20, 2013

Zhengguo Xiao was awarded the Dr. James C. and Joan. R. Wolford Fellowship for 2013-2014 Outstanding Graduate Research Asistant


December. 9, 2013

Bin Yang has earned 2013 Materials Research Society(MRS) Graduate Student Gold Award. This made him the first MRS Graduate Student Award recipient in UNL history. MRS Graduate Student Awards are intended to honor and encourage graduate students whose academic achievements and current materials science research display a high level of excellence and distinction.There were more than 260 students applied for this award this year,but only 33 students were selected as award winners. Among those winners,9 were named Gold award , the other 24 were named Silver Award. Congratulation to Bin !

Link for 2013 MRS Graduate Student Award: Material Reserch society.

See more about this news: UNL Today.












Bin received GOLD AWARD from MRS President Orlando Auciello in the MRS Awards Ceremony on Dec.4th,


December. 9, 2013

Zhengguo and Qingfeng 's paper Synthesis and Application of Ferroelectric P(VDF-TrFE) Nanoparticles in Organic Photovoltaic Devices for High Efficiency is highlighted as Cover on Advanced Eneergy Materials .













September. 17, 2013

Baodong's paper Zinc alloyed iron pyrite ternary nanocrystals for band gap broadening is highlighted as Cover on J. Mater. Chem. A.













May. 31, 2013

Fawen's paper on Fullerene-based organic photodetector is highlighted as Cover on Advanced Optical Materials, and also highlighted on Today@UNL.













May. 26, 2013

Huang's research is featured on NSF Science, a video program featuring NSF-funded researchers. Huang's piece starts at about 1:09.


April. 08, 2013

Qingfeng wins Spring 2013 Science Art Competition Award. Congratulations !














February. 2, 2013

Huang received the NSF Career Award. Congratulations! Huang's NSF CAREER project on high efficiency organic solar cells is highlighted by NSF Discoveries: Producing Solar Energy Materials That Are Affordable, Efficient and Flexible , Lincoln Journal Star: UNL researcher gets $400,000 to improve solar cells , and UNL News Release: Engineer works to build better solar cell .The story about Huang's research is featured as the "Breaking Story" on NSF's Science 360 News Service .














January. 20, 2013

Bin's paper on Fullerene Schottky Junction Solar Cells is highlighted as Frontispiece, and most accessed in 11/2012 on Advanced Materials













November. 15, 2012

Fawen's breakthrough on ultraviolet photodetectors is published on Nature Nanotechnology, and highlighted in the Engineering News Headline at UNL.


August. 1, 2012

Yongbo and Zhengguo's publication is highlighted as Cover page and HOT article in Energy and Environmental Science: Crystallinity is essential for organic photovoltaic devices.













August. 8, 2012

One of Huang's co-authored papers "Control of the nanoscale crystallinity and phase separation in polymer solar cells" is one of Applied Physics Letters' most downloaded articles of the last five years.


May. 11, 2012

Huang's group research on ferroelectric-organic photovoltaic has been highlighted by MRS Fall 2011 Meeting in Energy and the Environment Section with several other leading groups (Heeger group of UCSB, Yang group of UCLA, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Atwater of the California Institute of Technology, et al) and NSF-MRSEC.


March. 21,. 2012

Dr. Huang received the 2012 College of Engineering Edgerton Innovation Award for his demonstrated ability to 1) attract funding from state, federal, and private agencies; 2) integrate research with graduate and undergraduate education; 3) suggest novel and innovative ideas and projects.













Dec.12, 2011

Former undergraduate student, Alexander Clement, received a DOE internship at Argonne National Lab. Congratulations!


Jul.12, 2011

Joseph Tran was selected as a 2011-2013 McNair Scholar by McNair Scholars Program. Congratulations!


Apr.14, 2011

Prof. Huang is the 2011 recipient of the College Faculty Research and Creative Activity Award.


Apr. 6, 2011

Runyu Zhang has been awarded UCARE funding for the 2011-12 academic year.


Mar.2, 2011

Our breakthrough in ferroelectric OPV has been highlighted in UNL Engineering headlines.

"Huang increases organic solar cells’ efficiency with ferroelectric polymer layers"


Dec 20, 2010

The first paper in Huang's group titled "Efficiency enhancement in organic solar cells with ferroelectric polymers" has been accepted for publication in Nature Materials, the top one journal in materials with an impact factor of 29.5. The first author of this paper is Dr. Yongbo Yuan. Congratulations!


Dec 04, 2010

Runyu Zhang is awarded the Ralph & Martha Siemers Scholarship from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Congratulations!


July 21, 2010

Bin Yang is awarded the College of Engineering Fellowship, Congratulations!

The Office of Graduate Programs announced the second round of Nebraska Engineering Fellowships (NEF) for the AY 2010-11. The College of Engineering is committed to supporting faculty and programs actively recruiting high quality Ph.D. students. In an effort to encourage competitive offers for these students, fellowships and respective amounts were awarded based on the advice of a panel of senior faculty. Mr. Bin Yang is awarded Nebraska Engineering Fellowships.


June 6, 2010

Dr. Huang is awarded the DTRA 2010 Young Investigtor Award to develop a new generation of highly sensitive organic photodetector.


April 30, 2010

Two mechanical engineering undergraduate students, James Cox and Runyu Zhang are appointed as UCARE students to work as undergraduate research assistants in Huang's lab.


Jan. 20,2010

Engineering faculty chosen for research fellows program

Fourteen UNL faculty members were selected for the 2010 Research Development Fellows Program, an initiative to help pre-tenure faculty successfully compete for grants. Among the 14 assistant professors selected as research fellows were seven faculty members from the College of Engineering, including Jinsong Huang, Mechanical Engineering.


Nov 30, 2009

Welcome Dr. Yongbo Yuan to join us as post-doc researcher.