Our Current Research Areas Include

  • Perovskite Solar Cells

  • Organic Photodetectors

  • Radiation Detector and X-ray Imager

  • Perovskite Solar Cells

    Perovskite materials are arising as a new generation of solution processable inorganic-organic hybrid photovoltaic materials.

    Our research on perovskite solar cell involves in:

    1) Device engineering for the record device efficinecy,

    2) Scalable manufacturing of perovskite solar cells;

    3) Long term stability of peroskite solar cells;

    4) Understanding the fundamental material and devices physics to explore the theoretically attainable highest efficiency and longest stability;


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    Organic photodetectors

    Photodetectors are sensor of light that convert optical signals into electric signals. There are generally two types of organic solid -state photodetectors: photoconductors (or photoresistors) and photodiodes (includes photovoltaic).  Photodiodes type photodetector typically has low noise and fast response but the responsivity is low. Photoconductor type photodetector has very large gain but generally slow response. We are working on organic semiconductor material or perovskite materials based photodetector which combines the advantages of these two types of photodetectors.

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    Radiation Detector and X-ray Imager

    We are developing perovskite based X-ray, Gamma-ray radiation detector for spectroscopy;

    We are developing perovskite pixel detectors and array detectors for X-ray imaging;

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    Funding Sources